Lily of the Valley
Monday, May 2, 2011 at 9:06PM
Lea Blum in Bouquet of the day, Inspiration
My weakness for lily of the valley erupted the first time I saw it tucked away in bucket at the flower market.
Peering in at its small may bells the scent was intoxicating! An old world scent, timeless powder sweet. 
I immediately recognized the flower held by Grace Kelly on her wedding day. I have been haunted by the princess since childhood. Countless hours spent staring at photos in some paperback exposé and watching Hitchcock films on scorching summer days. 
Grace Kelly was nothing like the blondie Kim Novak or Marilyn, her elegance set her apart. 
I was OK with the fact that my appearance was nothing like the princess with my wiry brownish hair and awkward face, but I did see my sister in her effortless beauty and blond locks. Two dolls were given to me through an adequate amount of melt downs inflicted on my mother.
I own Grace Kelly in her sage colored Oscar winning dress and my favorite, her wedding dress. The dolls are tucked away back home to be brought out for a child who can love them as I did.
When engaged I too wanted the delicate lily of the valley flower to mark our occasion.
Even with a 4+ year relationship with market wholesalers, lily of the valley remains an extremely expensive flower. I did purchase five bunches for my bridal shower, of which if my husband knew the cost spent on such frivolity he would see it as throwing my hard earned money into the fire.
One of my girlfriends was let in on my guilty purchase, she appreciated it and left with the bouquets when the party wrapped up. She too is someone who reminds me of the scent. 
This past Friday like many girlie girls (and guys) the Royal wedding was a delight, especially Catherine's homage to Grace Kelly. Her dress the bouquet all such wonderful celebrations for the lovely spring season. 

Hats off to the beautiful brunette Duchess.  

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