Fashion Week Recap:
Friday, September 16, 2011 at 6:14PM
Lea Blum in Inspiration, fashion

I am no fashion authority, but since the child age ability to dress myself thoughtful attention has extended in my attire. Disregard those dawn breaking mornings at the flower market or occasional lazy day. I've been told this effort has carved out an aesthetic when something is decidedly my style. Friends have pieces admiringly reflected as them, as I am sure you do too.

Style is beauty. Fashion, flowers & art are all able to fall nicely under this umbrella. ella ella eh...

This week of fashion overdrive and exhiliration of I waaaant... To be frank, in these times who can afford the clothes? While those attending looked excruciatingly fantastic many getting photos snapped and interviewed were wearing Zara and H&M, and not ashamed to say it. No kidding! After complimenting some importantly fashionable woman (with a 25" sized waist) she said me in a thick french accent that her orange dress was Lanvin for H&M. Mind the fact she was clutching an Olympia Le-Tan and diamond encrusted Rolex. But you know what it's all about? I'll tell you-  the accesories.  

shoes: Lacoste  clutch: Lacoste Bracelet: Miansai

Here are a pair of the kick ass heels from the Lacoste show, thrown out are the alligator sneakers lets show off those legs! These stems would go nicely with the limited editioned clutch I scored at the show, don't even ask how I got front row. What I noticed shouldered next to these editors and fashionable elite were the bangles and braceletes nearly up to their elbows in the simpliest most tailored attire. Afterwards I found myself in a premature birthday splurge with this bracelete from a local Brooklyn jeweler Miansai, a piece decidedly moi!

Hair: Adam Show by Odile Gilbert for Keratasse, Earrings by Elizabeth Knight, Brooch from Catbird

I looooved the hair at Adam Lippes show! This long hair simply roped together is having me double up on the prenatals simply to grow mine to that length again. The earrings I wore to the shows are by another Brooklyn local Elizabeth Knight, you might not see from the picture but they are cast frog legs holding up a champagne colored pearl. Very subtle to notice, fashion faces came very close to my ears for further inspection. The beaded brooch is something I picked up at my favorite jewelery shop Catbird, a gift for a very specail someone. 

Lastly were the lucite and chrome shoes at Philip Lim floating on a cyber technical fantasy! To balance out the sexes I would pair these with the tie dyed tie my friend & artist Sean Pluguese made for the shows. I'm all for this awesome geometric necklace I found at Madewell too. 

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