Springtime in Greenwich Village 
Monday, May 14, 2012 at 9:06PM
Lea Blum in Gardening, Inspiration, Parks

Even with all this travel one would be half batty if time was not spent simply enjoying being home during these dew filled spring days.

Manhattan is at its sweetest this time of year and a stroll down my neighborhood block is a complete marvel.

Gardens tucked away begging to be peered upon... 

seeing front stoops lined with annuals and the clever ways planters are suspended to windows. 

Especially as the gardening of St. Lukes and Jefferson Market continues, yep i've been getting down an dirty pulling up spent annuals and planting perennials. May I add that it's getting even more interesting as I dug up a bone near this wall at St. Lukes last week?

*and unless it's from some overly large chicken dog I'm keeping it for further CSI investigating. My spooked husband thinks I'm a complete weirdo especially since i joked that i'm going to hide it under his pillow...boo! 

   Anyways I really can't wait to see these monkshood and the other planted handy work pop up later this summer. 

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