Stockholm, Sweden 
Monday, July 2, 2012 at 10:51AM
Lea Blum in Inspiration, Travel

The now turns into the recent past, then distant..               and as old memories fade new ones create.  

Seeing a highschool best carving out an über cool life with her baby in Sweden makes for a wonderful excuse to see it all firsthand. Being with a faithful old friend fades any foreign feelings while strolling down cobble stoned streets recalling forgotten funnies with the loudest of American laughs.

May I also add the design houses we conquered which will be added to my interioirs wish list are:

Svenskt TennBruka Design & Illums Bolighus 

and I especially have my eye on this swedish horticulturalist Coloni and this concept of indoor gardening..

A Scandinavinan life for me please!! The full gallery of photos can be seen here 

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