Back in the Swing of Things..
Sunday, September 9, 2012 at 9:40AM
Lea Blum in Bouquet of the day, Inspiration, fashion

It's always fun being asked to go extra frilly on floral arrangements, it's a style I know well and looks great for babyshowers. Local dahilas, French ranunculus, blushing bride, Dutch tulips and a few pretty prink spray roses were the choice for a bellini themed baby day. 

My friend who is quite the design authority, a true modernist at heart, says arrangements with mutiple floral varieties make her dizzy, to which she prefers simple clean arrangments, I too can understand that aesthetic.

A clean, graphic, structural juxtaposition to the organic colorful nature of most flowers. Fashion & flowers go hand in hand and the Spring fashion shows are those which I look forward to most being riotous with color.

But other ideas piqued after attending the Hervé Léger Spring 2013 show. This was a clean change from the usual look, a more grown up approach and one I look to incorporating through more structured, muted palated arrangements. All of it brought to mind Alexander Wang's show last year.  

So stay tuned as I work on sharpening a softened edge. 

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