Well hello again
Thursday, October 3, 2013 at 8:53AM
Lea Blum in Beauty, Inspiration, Travel , Wellness

Where to begin after 6 months astray…

To momentarily look back and see what has been learned from certain failures and accomplishments gained, all smattered together with travel to the Italian Lake Country, Southern California and upstate to Hudson, NY. The summer whirled past absorbing the landscape and in the smiling faces of my friends.  

Recognizing the patterns that make us who we are and never wasting a moment in order to gain new expertise, which builds along the way. 

Full album of Hudson, NY photos click HERE:

Full album of Lake Como, Italy pics click HERE:

After an intense eight months working for Aesop, the focus on flowers has taken me down a narrow road into plant extracts for skin and wellness.

In addition, one must not overlook the joy in applying color, especially when occasions arise to put forth a bit more effort. A corageous few have lent me their gorgeous faces to doll up and so far the results have been pretty, never overdone.

Reinvigorated with this weekly practice I look to share with you all the abundant beauty surrounding us. 

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