An oldie but a goodie

I made this bridal bouquet a few months back. 


Architect Charles Gwathemy

The other day at Sprout I was asked to make a terrarium for a renowned architect who recently passed away,Charles Gwathemy.

While putting my plants and miniatures perfectly in place I began racking my brain back to my Architectural History days with Dr. David Gobel. Thoughts to one of the more painful courses in Architectural Theory and Criticism-then it came back to me...

Gwathemy mostly built homes for high profile clients in the Hamptons, but my favorite remains the place he built for is parents in Amagansett

His firm built the ICP

Last, and most controversial of projects was the condo he built on Astor Place.

A sense of relief over took me when I realized that not only would I never sit in another class of Dr. Gobel's, but that this architect would be unable to criticize my humble terrarium because he's dead.


Hothouse Flower & the 9 Plants of Desire

I read this really yummy summer read and so should you.

If the cover doesn't convince you click on THIS


Field Guides to Art in Nature


As a child growing up in the vast expanse of the southwest, my house rested a top of a cliff. My mother would call out onto the sun-setting desert for us to come inside after a day of roaming acres of wild land. Nature held a huge amount of mystery as a child. Weather it was an afternoon spent staring at the clouds making up songs, building secret forts in abandoned trucks, or kicking fire ant hills; the outdoors occupied a major part of my youth.

I hold a distinct a memory of getting caught in a cholla cactus bush and limping the dirt road filled with tears and covered in thorns. I was only to be found the following day with my sister and neighbor girls back in the wild expanse to explore and create more imaginary worlds.

This curiosity of nature was further spurred by a book introduced to my childhood, “The Secret Garden" I longed to have the lush green English Garden where I could un-choke big green vines and nurse a secret garden and boy back to health. This being so far from my desert landscape I savored the books illustrations.

These memories always remained, but far away. This flood of remembrance was triggered the other day when I discovered a tiny book at Printed Matter entitled, “Field Guides to Art in Nature.” Artists Karen Wirth & Chad Rurrler created this limited edition book to go with an installation for Minneapolis, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

The book is broken in four chapters- Color, Form, Pattern, and Perspective. It is also illustrated in my favorite medium, collage. When I saw this tiny weather proof book I saw my dream visions on paper. While I still do not understand the extent of what these artists are getting at, I’m happy to share my connection and story.



For Ny'ers this is a pretty big deal. I would compare it to seeing Central Park for the first time just after it was completed in the 1860's. Olmsted would be proud to say the very least...

Built in the 30's, the Highline was an above ground freight train that ran along 10th ave from the Meat Packing district up to 34th st Herald Square. Having been abandoned since the 80's the track sat as an eye sore and risked demolishon until Peter Obletza Chelsea resident, activist, and railroad enthusiast thought to turn the tracks into a garden landscape. Though he died before he could see his vision complete, we can tip our hats in fulfilling his dream. 

Also worth noting that while this attracts so many people to Chelsea and the neighboring art galleries I couldn't help but be saddened seeing so many galleries I frequented closed.  This neighborhood where once was a bustling art scene is quickly shrinking in this deflated economy.  If only the timing for the project completion was 1 year earlier...


Terrarium Galore

Being that this marks my third blog entry on the subject one can see I have a penchant for bio spheres.

I visited a recent show at Marianne Boesky Gallery in Chelsea to see the creations of Paula Hayes. In these parts Ms. Hayes is something of a cultural icon turing all that is green into fine art.

*Paula Hayes

While I think MY terrariums are ab-fab, and are just as eye catching (almost)

*Lea Wells


This woman Paula been blowing her own glass, building insance landscapes, and plant holders since  the '90's. Don't believe it? Check her site!


What we fail to remember in all of this terrarium trend is a throw back from the Victorians, then in the 70's they really put a spin on it!



Desert Landscapes

While it's been over 4 years since I have visited the magical place of my childhood I hark the coyote cactus spirit in these mini desert worlds. 


you can purchase these landscapes at Sprout Home!


An ode to Peaches

Peaches lives in the flower market and is by far the most special kitty I have ever met. I anticipate our bi- weekly meetings in the market and have offered to "borrow" her for the weekends. 

* This bouquet is for Peaches. 



The market this morning was a flora-shopaholics dream! With every swipe of the card I was unable to resist all of the beautiful buds. With that I whipped up these bouquets for your viewing pleasure. 



a gaze from my window

April came for a visit the other week and perfectly captured my humble abode. 




A flower request that came from Italy!





River Club 

Is one of the perfect settings for a ladies luncheon with it's light blues and pastels overlooking the East River. Leyla asked me to floral up the room for her friends bridal shower, and had the best time creating it. Together we explored the many options in the flower market and decided on evoking the beach where the girlfriends met.  Dusty Miller leaves with river grass and a sunlight garden rose made a sweet pave for a bridal celebration. 



fiver foundation 

Today I did the flowers for the Fiver Foundation annual charity event. Fiver has been close to my heart since my best friend Jen introduced me to its worthwhile cause. Fiver strives to provide youth development to underserved children in NYC with the opportunity to go to summer camp in upstate New York, along with continued involvement during the school year. 



I wanted to keep the palate bright and cheerful with forsythia branches and daffodils, as it reminds me of my own days at summer camp!


wedding season

has begun!

Photo's courtesy of the delightful wedding photographer Kimberly Hurst

Check out her blog for more photos!


Alexandria, Virginia

This past weekend I went to the 76th Historic Garden Week in Old Town Virginia. While I was unable to take photos inside the houses I was tickled to see all of my hobbies together- historic buildings, gardens, flowers, and interiors. The tour featured 8 homes that one would normally never be granted access into. 

 Camelias grow beautifully in this zone 8 climate along with the bursting cherry blossoms.


End of March 

Inching closer to Spring!


Tracy Feith Bouquet

Yesterday I made a bouquet for the clothing designer Tracy Fieth. While delivering the bouquet I reminisced back in '00 when I had just moved to NYC I lusted over a particular Tracy Fieth dress that was red and had a giant heart cut out on the chest--to die for! Certainly I could not have afforded the dress then, nor now. Sure enough while glancing on the racks I found my second Tracy Feith lust object. I need and want this dress so badly that immediately googled the dress upon my return home. My good taste has been confirmed. The First Lady,  Michelle Obama wore the same dress for church the day after the Inauguration! I could totally wear that dress better than Mrs. Obama, no offense. Especially since I have a black tie event in our nations capital DC in two weeks-I WILL accept donations!

After all designer Tracy Feith DID receive a design from Lea, it's only fair! 


More Pretties

I was asked to make two bouquets, one for a funeral and one for a new baby. Strange day indeed...


sweet gift

In todays mail were these amethyst and peridot earrings from my sweet friend April. She said they went with my, "budding floral career." I think they go quite nicely in my ears as well the perfect accessory for my favorite plant, string of beads

Thank you April Marie Gray


Today's Bouquet