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Indoor Plants

I’m just going to put it out there and say- I know a lot about plants. Mostly the indoor kind. Having spent the past couple years in the garden center, Sprout Home I have had many a success and more failures of the plant variety. The best tidbit I have learned is there is a type of plant for every personality. I know that with my touch and go busy busy NY lifestyle I don’t want to be all that concerned with watering, and when I do tend to my green things I don’t mind the occasional misting, pruning, and fertilizing. I consider these little green growers and extension to my own hygiene habits. That’s just me, but I also don’t want to bother with tough plants, With all of that people ask me more frequently about plants. 

Below is a listing of the plants I have in our growing arboretum, or also known as my apartment.   

 1. Jasmine 1.5yrs old

Oh I really adore you. Even though you have yet to bloom, if not ever. You grow like cursive,  vines so pretty and light. 

Bright indirect light

Keep slightly moist

Mist frequently


2. String of Pearls  1.5yrs old

My go to favorite I can forget for a minuet and remember these little delicate pea like pieces of green.

Full afternoon to strong morning light. 

A Succulent so let it fully dry out between watering. 

3. Ficus, Rubber Plant 2yrs

An excellent air purifier and very easy to maintain. Dry out between watering. 

Full to part sun

 4. Dracaena  3yrs

My biggest of the bunch, beats getting curtains to cover my big windows. 

Dry out fully and give a big soaking. Indicator of over-watering yellow tips on leaves. Under watering floppy leaves. 

Easy plant 


5. Insane Prickly Pear Cactus 1yr

I have a love hate with this cactus. I keep neglecting it and it keeps getting bigger and gnarlier. 

Full sun, drought like watering

 6. Jade Plant 3mnths

Full sun dry out between watering, is a member of the cactus/succulent family.

 7. More Cactus

8. Ferns 6mnths

Pretty little guys with an endless assortment of types. Keep moist, mist frequently 

 9. Fern, Lemmon Button 3mnths


 10. Begonia 3mnths

Dry a bit between watering, part sun

11. Coleus 3mnths

The name of this plant makes it even cooler. 

 12. Basil

Full Sun, Lots of water. Pinch off and never let is blossom if you want to eat it, bitter!

 13. Arugula


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Reader Comments (1)

thanks for these tips on house plants!! i adore my string of pearls and have you to thank for introducing it to me. also my mother sent me home with two coleus - one that trails and one that grows erect. can't wait to pot them and watch them grow.

June 5, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterjessica

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