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Lecture Listening

The Fall is a brainy time after all the Summer sillies.

To break from these overworked floristy hands my running legs are racing and lecture listening sometimes beats an overcrowded bar. Call me a bore but what I am experiencing is a quiet and riveting pause between the extra nonesense every scheduled day brings.

Lecture 1:

Did you know sparkling wines can age?  Different from a perseco or champagne, those should drink young and bright. Ferrari Brut's are crafted specifically for each bottle versus the barrel wide other stuff. 

The Trento region of Italy where this is produced just got hot on my list.

Lecture 2:

President James Monroe dazzled by french fashions chose to outfit his State Room with Napolean's Empire style furniture. Certainly much more items and $$ than intended, the french cabinet maker Bellangé made nothing of the specifics Monroe requested. 

A silly thought as to what one orders and what is actually made. 

Lecture 3:  

Did you know paintings back in the day used to be hung very high? A popular spot was to hang art over doors, you can see it in this paining by Hogarth

Here is Marie Antoinette's over door boudoir at Fontainebleau. A bit much I would say.

How for an after lecture stroll through the University Club ballroom to name off design details?

 ...and then stumbiling upon the current lobby of the Lever House

Refreshing! Nicely done Paula Hayes.

It got me thinking about the titans of industry and how I just landed a big new brilliant client and then that song Crystaline by Bjork. 


Lecture 3:

Now this one is for you:

Sign up for my Flower Class!!! The edible arrangement  

It's this Sunday, November 6th at Sprout Home Brooklyn

We will be creating a cornucopia (not literally) of seasonal fall blooms using many edible ingredients such as artichokes, rosemary, oregano, and more. Materials fee is estimated at $65 – $125 (based on your selections) and pays for a small vase arrangement you make and take home.

For more information, contact Sprout Home Brooklyn at nyinfo@sprouthome.com or call 718.388.4440.

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