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Holiday Bouquet of the Day

How to Arrange a Gorgeous Holiday Bouquet

When it comes to arranging flowers, sometimes the simplest bouquets are the most beautiful. That is certainly the case with the arrangement below. A perfect gift to bring to a holiday party, it’s also an elegant statement for your own home – and will last through the holidays into January. The best part? It only requires three elements.

Lea Ann Willet, of the New York and Chicago-based florist shop Sprout Home, chose amaryllis for their rich red color and durability. Buy them a few days in advance, though, because they often come in really tight buds.

"To help them open up and blossom," she says, "put them in a little bit of warm water. They are also a long-lasting flower, so they make a great gift.

Willet demonstrates how to put together this gorgeous bouquet in the video below.

To assemble the bouquet on your own, you will need the following:

-Magnolia branches
-Rose Hip
-Wrapping Paper

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/imag/At+Home/How+to+Arrange+a+Gorgeous+Holiday+Bouquet#ixzz1gw5QSPgV

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