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Ice Encasements

Have you seen how the snowbanks are now encased in ice? It's especially noticeable in places where the mounds of snow have been untouched, such are the quiet streets of Williamsburg on my walk home at night.

Maybe you have seen something like this before? Heck any one of you could probably capture a better photograph of it too. I haven't payed attention to this before so i'm going to try and explain it. 

These mounds of slippery snow look more like something acrylic or resin made for a Matthew Barney project.

Alas these strange beauties have just been made by nature. Right here is the art installation, and better yet you can touch it, or in my case stomp my foot into it and hear the thin ice encasing shatter to revel the fluffy snow underneath.

Its been a long winter and anything to keep the cold walk home interesting I guess.

Photo Cred: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Cremaster_Cycle

I still can't believe that show was 9 years ago...

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