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Seattle, Washington

Readers I will let you in on my secret, a newly discovered crushing reality that if you, a fellow floral enthusiasts residing in places other than NYC can say I told you so. 

"Gratitude" By: Sallie K. Patterson

I know where I live is expensive, my mom has been telling me for 10 plus years on our weekly catch up calls, but somehow the bitter tinge goes unfazed through multiple justifications. This is until I encountered a new sort of punch in the gut, my spirit is now crushed on the scale of Santa and Fairy Godmothers.


Ok. I am well aware that peonies grow like crazy in many places especially during this loveliest of seasons. I saw yards filled with them in Chicago just the other week. Enamored with childish excitement to see flowers actually growing in the earth were the questionable faces from my girlfriends thinking, welcome to planet earth? Cut me a break I'm from the deserts of Arizona and here in this asphalt dump we pay $8.75 per stem for a single duchess peony.

Thanks for giving me so much New York City!

Look i'm not aiming to move and get a yard and all that just yet.

How about this sweet thing for a modest $5 bucks. Smiling Seattle faces seen everywhere carrying bouquets from Pike Place Market. The superb weather enhanced the chill nice moods Seattle folk embody, but also a really smart bunch for not having their wallets depleted from flowers. 

I gasped then whimpered... This little realization took it all too far for me. Sweet Peas a huge mass for $4.00 USD. Ladies and gentleman we at the New York wholesale market pay an upwards of $75 for a bunch of Sweet Peas, a single delicate stem $1.75 and up. Ah... yes! Our varieties hark from Japan! France! Holland! Egregious! these? From the bountiful USA state of Washington. 


A fist full of Morel Mushrooms and Huckleberry jam, while exquisitely delicious have only temorarily eased these pains.  

Look here I aim to put my best effort forward to fixing this ditty of a floral problem.

In approximately 17 days I head to London where I will visit New Covent Garden Market once again and then travel solo to Holland's Bloemenmarkt and hopefully pay a visit to the big boys at the worlds largest flower auction. 

Now are you taking me seriously? Want to comment and offer any insight/advice before I engage in some overseas politicking? 

I end with this fairy tale photo I took of Mt. Rainer. It cools my spirit for all this dragon fire I want to spew. 


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Reader Comments (2)

I love it!!! A world tour of flower markets. What a beautiful idea. I love you, LeeLee. I'll reminisce of our hazy days in Amsterdam a decade ago!

June 29, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJen

Unbelievable prices! You are such a world traveler! Have fun on your epic flower journey! Love you! xoxo

July 2, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterapril

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