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Sleeping Beauty

This week marks the closing season for The American Ballet Theater at Lincoln Center. With my dance enthusiast Russian born friend having grown up watching the Bolshoi Ballet it's in Anastasia's blood. Together we swoon over every pirouette and get glassy eyed watching the fluttering tutus move. 

Sleeping Beauty a story we all know well.  It's light, full of joy and a perfect conclusion to a season like an easy summer read. Irina Dvorovenko as Princess Aurora held weightless on point with every precise gesture and beaming stage presence she made the audience recognize the performance of an expert principal dancer. What makes it sweeter is the fact that Aurora's Prince Desire, Maxim Beloserkovsky are actually married.

True magnetism in such a duo is breathtaking!

Princess Florine and The Bluebird dance was a delight as was the Lilac Fairy and her attendant Fairy of Valor, Misty Copeland. Anastasia treated me to the best seats third row to the right which if you care for such things I would make note of these seats because being front and angled right was the best for this show. 

I particularly loved the grand curtsies from the ballerinas while holding massive bouquets of long stemmed roses. 

What a night!

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