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From Odor to Fragrance

The last smell I distinctly recall was a watery stack of Stephen Shore photographs, a putrid stench of chemical emulsion, flood water and mold. A similar odor while demoing wet sheet rock from a flooded home in Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn.

*photograph by Stephen Shore 

These being the furthest from the alluring dreamscape of floristy, with a general preference of keeping matters light and florid detailing each season with the scent of geranium leaf, peony and the antique fragrance of lily of the valley. A honeymoon encapsulated in perfumed bottles from the Amalfi Coast, the last waft of Shalimar as my mother left for a ball, or that sea of lavender in the South of France -all powerfully evocative. 

*photograph by April Marie Gray

'The Art of Scent 1889-2012' a show at the Museum of Art and Design has debuted this month with an unprecidented look at this scented art form.  “The fundamental goal is placing scent as an artistic medium alongside painting, sculpture and music.” For however “brilliant” or “extraordinary” the greatest scents may be, they’re not recognized as works of art, and the artists who create them are not recognized as artists.” 

The ritual of bathing, a dab of scented oil, a lotion can turn an ugly day into an instant escape. My daily ritual love is for Aesop's line of products. With an unfussy truthfulness to the products a jar can it turns any old day into an enightened experience. 

On another note there are times when no added scent should used in order to breath in lifes trepidations.


  • click HERE to see a gallery of Storm-Battered Photos


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