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Living Color 

One can see this in little girls; a pink purple phase that takes over their bedrooms, attire, colored pens and pencils. Mind numbing adulthood settles in and the technicolor infatuation subsides to an acceptance of most colors, somewhat more muted yet at times those greatest hits trickle through. 

When the opportunity arises for a baby shower, those childhood wonders bubble back up and a tendency to overdue is acceptable, especially in the instance of receiver being a best friend. 

Artists work to maintain the colors of a child. It's experienced when a painter will take me to Kremer, simply to marvel at the endless array of pigments. Or the gravitational presence of an artist by the attire they choose so mimicking the work in which they create. It is as if the color spectrum is absorbed by ones very being.

Yes it is color! To explain my love at what vibrancy nature creates and not to mention the scent!

To push the boundaries we create and let us fall for the fantasy. To not shy away from the outrageous, or in this case purple spray-painted greens.

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