The Eastern Shore of Virginia

300 miles due south of New York and of equal distance of the Adirondacks we found ourselves in another rural spot: Cape Charles, Virginia. 

Sipping Corona's on our low tide landing on this southern most tip of the Chesapeak Bay reflecting on the fact that this spot was formed from a 3 mile long comet  landing here 35 million years before. Don't believe me? Read it.  

A surprise weeeknd for a friends 40th spent pranking and partying, the most immature of college behavior reminds us we can remain young at heart.  

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The Adirondacks

It's been about time this city slicker see other portions the great state of New York has to offer.


Weekend trips spent discovering the endless pockets of seemingly untouched places, oh natures awesome beauty. One such place is Keen Valley. 

The complete album of the photos I snapped can be seen here


Grey Gardening

couldn't tell by looking but here's nyc shrouded in cloud

most of springs been that way..i'm not complaining though, especially when pruning these roses


this garden i've been tending to the symmetry is off a bit, but aren't we all..


Happy Memorial Day Weekend, here's to summer!


Bouquet of the Day 

One of the only bouquets I snapped a photo of during the Mother Load of floral days. 

Two clematis were my take home prize after the tidal wave at Sprout. The porcelain vase by Dutch designer Foekje Fleur van Duin evokes memories of my childhood kitchen as mom cooked and I cleaned the dishes.  Like most of us I hated it at the time, if I could relive those moments now.

Hey Mom! Why don't give me a call when you are back from sailing the seas of Portugal?

*my mom is pretty badass 


Springtime in Greenwich Village 

Even with all this travel one would be half batty if time was not spent simply enjoying being home during these dew filled spring days.

Manhattan is at its sweetest this time of year and a stroll down my neighborhood block is a complete marvel.

Gardens tucked away begging to be peered upon... 

seeing front stoops lined with annuals and the clever ways planters are suspended to windows. 

Especially as the gardening of St. Lukes and Jefferson Market continues, yep i've been getting down an dirty pulling up spent annuals and planting perennials. May I add that it's getting even more interesting as I dug up a bone near this wall at St. Lukes last week?

*and unless it's from some overly large chicken dog I'm keeping it for further CSI investigating. My spooked husband thinks I'm a complete weirdo especially since i joked that i'm going to hide it under his pillow...boo! 

   Anyways I really can't wait to see these monkshood and the other planted handy work pop up later this summer. 


Nashville, Tennessee 

There are no two ways around it this city has music and a darn good lot of it. 

Especially at The Station Inn

Besides the beer and bluegrass 30,000 of us came to Nashville to run in the Country Music Marathon.

Now marking my fourth 13miler this year. 

Hot and hilly but overall it was a good run.

Moving along lets get into the subject of horsepower:

It's fitting for the Kentucky Derby tomorrow.

I would like to share something about a particular horse named  Bonnie Scotland.  

I was told that this champion Thoroughbred from England has sired so many winning horses that today in 2012 for the past 9 Kentucky Derbys every single horse running that race has blood from this mare. A few notable thoroughbreds traced to Bonnie Scotland include Seabiscuit, Secretariat, Giacomo, Smarty Jones, Funny Cide, Barbaro and Mine that Bird "

Now if that is not remarkable then I guess who knows what is!

At its peak the Belle Meade Plantation was known as the oldest and greatest Thoroughbred breeding farm in North America. The beautiful main mansion presided over 5,000 acres devoted to breeding horses with numerous, impressive barns and outbuildings throughout the property. In fact the oldest registered racing silks in the United States belonged to the Belle Meade stud" -Paradigm Farms Horse Retirement 

Take a guess at what sport I sure would like to rekindle while I kick back and take a break from running? ...and it aint bettin on no horses. Suppose I'll need to bide my time with the ukulele I keep meaning to pick up. 



Bouquet of the Day 

bouquet along with some other springs delights..

 Wysteria Earrings by Alexis Bittar, Sculpture on Park Avenue by Rafael Barrios 


Los Angeles

Prim Princess Grace has been something of a haunt of mine since girlhood and with a quick switch of plans our anniversary was spent at a place she once called home, the newly rennovated Hotel Bel-Air 

But something changed that night loaded with drink during a midnight swim through that thunderous storm

A better undertanding of Marylin occured. 

Then again during check out a crest fallen moment was spent flipping through this book, Three Legends: Norman Mailer / Bert Stern: Marilyn Monroe  

"Marilyn Monroe, who lived at Hotel Bel-Air on and off for more than a decade during her marriages to Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller. Only six weeks before she died in 1962, Hotel Bel-Air served as the location for the famed three-day Bert Stern photo shoot; he prepared for the event by putting plenty of Dom Pérignon 1953 vintage Champagne on ice and spraying suite No. 261 with Chanel No. 5. Vogue magazine published eight pages of the shoot the day after Monroe died." -The Hollywood History of Hotel Bel-Air LA Confidential Magazine

Yellow Calla & Painting By Artist Gary Lang, Interior Design of Bel-Air Hotel  Alexandra Champalimaud & David Rockwell

Obviously the book is breathtaking, as is The Bel-Air and ultimately her life. If a grand happened to be laying around asking to be spent surely it could be on this TASCHEN BOOK



Palm Springs, CA

If you have been you know it... now explore further as I leave writing to the experts.

"You make it look new and people will go, ‘Meh.’ Leave it as is and they’ll say, ‘That piece is fabulous.’” Its history makes it interesting, dings and all. Just like Palm Springs." -John Connel

Care to see Additional Pics I Snapped at Parker?


How about ones from our other spot La Qunita?

Getting back to the desert climate from which I am from has a familiar comfort I forgot how much I missed. Blidingly hot days spent behind shady hedges followed by cool nights which go on far too late.  

We will be back Palm Springs don't you worry..


Bouquet of the Day 

Look who's about to make an appearance.. 

Really a budding tuilp is not that big of a deal unless it was the first bulb you ever remember planting.                                                                                                                       It's a Black Tulip: Queen of the Night. Shocking isn't it?

So is the planter box outside our place being the extent of our dirted land. *chuckle  

I can't wait to see them in bloom when I return! 

 Where are we headed this time?*LA // Palm Springs * 

<<for Seven days>> 





Spent Cherry Blossoms & Daffodils

Sunday morning we ran the Cherry Blossom Race in Washington, D.C. most of the puffy pink blooms were spent, it has been an early spring. 

Monday morning was spent tying daffodil stems in knots. It's something Susan showed me today at the Jefferson Market Garden , it's our neighborhood garden here in Greenwich Village. Tying or braiding the dying daffodils keep the plants tidy and help return the nutrients back to the bulbs. 

Loving these longer days. 

My mother Suzanne and her Garden Club think daffodils are simply the best and really who can disagree? Down in Virginia they take these sweet flowers pretty seriously with annual shows , over 78 years celebrating an early spring bulb that is found virtually anywhere and bought for just a few bucks. Bright yellow and orange white tight closed buds open and suprise.  

But what has hooked me more than all the daffodils and cherry trees combined are for the Dogwoods, those ones continue to bloom nice and strong. 

Landscape drafting tonight..


Bouquet of the Day 


I Have a Thorn To Pick

For over five years I have worked and built my career every season and week full of fresh flowers; floral nomenclature is filed in my brain ready to fire from the tip of my tongue as is the average price per stem. When making a bouquet they are arranged swiftly, no longer fussing over a single stem they appear effortless upon seeing. Five years in the business is good, but no where being a master. 

The desire in choosing floristry as a career can be incredibly rewarding, a profession that continues to build upon itself rich with knowledge, but heed this warning: being a florist is a labor of love and while your head is in the flowers the pay is rarely remarkable. You may have a vase of the finest flowers but they can't feed a belly. Sure become a martyr for beauty, an artist. It's just the way it goes.. my advice? Mary rich. 

As a consumer flower prices can be tricky, unlike a t- shirt from the Gap a price per stem can fluctuate dramatically with the season, demand and rarity. Remember the flower auction visit

Flower Auction Holland from Lea Ann Willett on Vimeo.

A certain locale of a flower can cost much more versus a similar variety from another country. Take for instance ranunculus from Israel versus Japan. Big difference. Regardless! I see most florists and the amount being charged to be preposterous! There I said it.  

Every season New York Magazine brings us a delicious wedding issue, an excellent guide to find the best vendors for everything a wedding could possibly need. Sprout Home the garden & floral center where I have been since '08 in Williamsburg is regularly featured in these mags and we are always surprised when our prices fall on the lesser expensive category. Really we don't try to do that, it's just what they add up to being. While i may appear a bit biased, our quality and varieties are no different than the rest! If not to sound too verbose ours being more diverse and the better. Believe me, we all have access to the same wholesalers. We know the markup. 

I think the over inflated pricing florists give to these magazines gives an unrealistic, pressure driven idea that flowers are only for the elite, and that should not be the case. I will never make a person uncomfortable or inaccessible to flowers. While my own business of Lea Blüm caters mostly to households who receive fresh flowers weekly, by no means to I overcharge for my service. Clients come to me because they want the finest flowers for a realistic price, which I am able to provide without much of the overhead costs. Blaaah! Did I just totally sell myself?

Suppose this three week hiatus from blogging has brewed a fire in my belly, but I say these things because I believe them to be truth. The simple goal is this: the more people have access to enjoy a single flower, learn and appreciate the better. Flowers do not not have to be something overly indulgent reserved for only for celebrations or to console ones grief. Enjoying flowers through blogs is great and being in the face of a blown out tulip is a testament to natures awesomeness. If we all worked a little harder to see such appreciation more I think more good would grow. This labor of love which is fundamental to being a florist and these details matter, otherwise one wouldn't keep it going these five plus years to infinity and beyond. Now lets go outside and enjoy this glorious spring weather. Cool?


Bouquet of the Day



March Madness

Spring 2012 has begun in the big baad NY Art World 

Cindy Sherman @


T.S. Eliot in Waste Land wrote that the month of April is the cruelest - certainly we may apply that to the month of March too. Oh! don't forget! "The ides of March have come! " sorta thing?

A rainy damp day is followed by a blasted out bright one starting.. now! "In like a lion out like a lamb", that's what the farmers almanac says.

The season is not going to be thaaat bad... 

Back to unveiling the glorious show of artist Cindy Sherman I found myself in imperfectly perfect pace with thee true Dame: 


Grace Coddinton

((imagine sharing glances amidst a sanctuary of Cindy Sherman))

... and there I was toting around my hot pink Celine trio, just to say it lent nicely to the effect.

" ...an influential artist who has enjoyed widespread acclaim — and market success — virtually since she first appeared, in the early 1980s, and who has never rested on her laurels, but has persisted, decade after decade, with interesting, surprising work."ROBERTA SMITH-Photography's Angel Provocateur 'Cindy Sherman' at Museum of Modern Art, NY Times 

A visit to Texas is up next.

 Cindy Sherman, "untitled" (2007-2008) Courtesy of the artist and Metro Pictures


Cupids Arrow

 Happy St. Valentine!

Frederick Sandys, Grace Rose Oil on panel, 1886

My hands are busy arranging, will have more to write after all the hoopla. 


...Springs Eternal

March 20th marks the first day of spring, but I like to think the preparation for Valentine's day as its true celebration. Sherberty hues of peach, buttery yellows and pinks will turn more chrimson with red as we approach the 14th.


painting albert moore entitled reading aloud 1883, Vogue UK febuary 2012 patrick demarchelier, model arizona muse 


Sandro Spring 2012, Mike Clark Whitney Biennial 2012Eva ZieselPhilip Lim Spring 2012

My Dries Van Noten Heels

& bouquet 


Art of The Bouquet

How about balancing out the helmet bashing and beer guzziling Super Bowl Sunday with a floral arranging class? 

This Sunday, Febuary 5th 12-1pm at Sprout Home Brooklyn

Learn how to create two types of hand-tied bouquets for yourself or a special friend. We’ll demonstrate the techniques for making a small wildflower posie bouquet  and a more uncommon sculptural bouquet. Fees are based on the types of flowers used and are estimated at $50 - $150.

click here to sign up


Bouquet of the Day

You have to hand it to the person who thinks to send someone a bouquet on the first day of a new job. 

These flowers are so super fresh & will bloom all week long, wait until you see those faces lucky gal~


Bouquet of the Day with a Sprinkle of Céline


You can't tell from the pic below but those my fellow fashion fiends is a floor full of Céline.  

The NY flagship which has been taunting us for months is opening tomorrow Thursday, January 26th 

Now if only this flower girl could ditch her canvas shopper and shelp my schtuf in these beauties.

Rubbing those hands together for a good year and for a employee(ish) disount? Come on recession lets be done with you!