Bouquet of the Day 

This summer was a one hit wonder in the growing stack of books. Taking upon the autumn to wise up with more reading and school. This is the somber story of a foster care child and if you know a thing of two about flowers it's a read for you.  


Fashion Week Recap:

I am no fashion authority, but since the child age ability to dress myself thoughtful attention has extended in my attire. Disregard those dawn breaking mornings at the flower market or occasional lazy day. I've been told this effort has carved out an aesthetic when something is decidedly my style. Friends have pieces admiringly reflected as them, as I am sure you do too.

Style is beauty. Fashion, flowers & art are all able to fall nicely under this umbrella. ella ella eh...

This week of fashion overdrive and exhiliration of I waaaant... To be frank, in these times who can afford the clothes? While those attending looked excruciatingly fantastic many getting photos snapped and interviewed were wearing Zara and H&M, and not ashamed to say it. No kidding! After complimenting some importantly fashionable woman (with a 25" sized waist) she said me in a thick french accent that her orange dress was Lanvin for H&M. Mind the fact she was clutching an Olympia Le-Tan and diamond encrusted Rolex. But you know what it's all about? I'll tell you-  the accesories.  

shoes: Lacoste  clutch: Lacoste Bracelet: Miansai

Here are a pair of the kick ass heels from the Lacoste show, thrown out are the alligator sneakers lets show off those legs! These stems would go nicely with the limited editioned clutch I scored at the show, don't even ask how I got front row. What I noticed shouldered next to these editors and fashionable elite were the bangles and braceletes nearly up to their elbows in the simpliest most tailored attire. Afterwards I found myself in a premature birthday splurge with this bracelete from a local Brooklyn jeweler Miansai, a piece decidedly moi!

Hair: Adam Show by Odile Gilbert for Keratasse, Earrings by Elizabeth Knight, Brooch from Catbird

I looooved the hair at Adam Lippes show! This long hair simply roped together is having me double up on the prenatals simply to grow mine to that length again. The earrings I wore to the shows are by another Brooklyn local Elizabeth Knight, you might not see from the picture but they are cast frog legs holding up a champagne colored pearl. Very subtle to notice, fashion faces came very close to my ears for further inspection. The beaded brooch is something I picked up at my favorite jewelery shop Catbird, a gift for a very specail someone. 

Lastly were the lucite and chrome shoes at Philip Lim floating on a cyber technical fantasy! To balance out the sexes I would pair these with the tie dyed tie my friend & artist Sean Pluguese made for the shows. I'm all for this awesome geometric necklace I found at Madewell too. 


Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012

 With the final gasps of summer and wafting fall winds approaching the spring/summer 2012 collections gave us a final toast of a summery season and an exciting look forward.

Fashion is hopeful like that.

Falling on the 10th anniversary of 9-11 the shows flexed the vibrancy and life the great city of New York is able to overcome, and no impending threat was to stop the fashion masses from the tents. 

Adam Lippes collection was the sweetest of them all. Fresh faced and light the peony, lavender and ivory silk embrodery embodies what Adam's collection is about, "...she appreciates the discover in the everyday and reflects it in her personal style." I could not agree more!

The wow factor bumped up when seeing the Lacoste collection by new Portuguese designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista. Typlically logo centric I spotted only one small alligator in the show. 

 From the end of that show on the collections turned conscientiously less off the rack. Such was the jarring fashion forward cuts of the BMX/motorcross inspiration of Alexander Wang. Seeing Terry Richardson & Courtney Love, along with Grace Coddington coupled with Lea Michelle (that chick from Glee) was nice too...hope the show shaved out some edge for that Lea. 


 ...and then to Y-3 yohji yamamoto which felt the most classic fashion underground being shown in Soho basement without the fancy check ins or for that matter any a/c. We were cramped but blown away with the addidas sneaks, skateboards and green hair. 

 Our final stop in this fashion whirlwind was Tommy Hilfiger. Fitting for 9-11 night it was exploding with all American glory with Jimmy Hendrick's blaring and models strutting. The bright and cheerful energy came full circle with botanical prints & color block pops of bright raspberrys and yellows. 


Of which no fashion week would be complete without being in the presence of Ms. Anna Wintour. 

Please excuse all these blurry photos, I do think they lend themselves nicely to how the whirlwind of the weekend has been. The final show will be Anna Sui which I am undeniably the most excited for!


Bouquet of the Day 


Milwaukee Art Museum

Travel hiccups require snappy problem solving to maximize your extended time. Such was the case when Miss Irene came to town with all her rain fury and we found ourselves stranded, rather wedged in the town of Beloit, Wisconsin.

We pointed in the direction of Milwaukee and here is what we came up with:

The Milwaukee Art Museum 

((gasp, flushed cheeks an immediate need to pee))

All of these reactions flooded when I saw MAM's Dutch & Flemish collection.

Jan van Os Flowers in Terra-cotta Vase 1780

Le Père Jacques (Woodgatherer), 1881

If you remember my recap from my trip to Holland in July, and my decorative arts course I have a peaked interest on such topics. Call me nerdy but stumbiling upon this collection was neat.  

Murano, Italy Nef Ewer, Late 16th century

 To appease my husband we also made it to a Brewers game! They are afterall rated #1 this season, and a cold MGD does the trick 

Wisconsin is a beautiful place with kind folks, all of which is more enjoyable during a balmy summer versus the rain and harshest of winters.

With that to the grandaddy of them all lets have one hell of a labor day weekend! 


Shakespeare Sonnet 116

My girl Jessica is now married aswell. We spent celebrating on the prarie pastures of the Illinois Wisconsin line at an apple orchard. The rural adventure was a sweet relief to the flower work of putting one together. 

So much fun to be had with friends dancing and embracing the most special of flower girls, Jessica's niece Flo.   

Jessica's thoughtful DIY details were impeccable! Only a few blurry snaps were taken of the bridal bouquet I put together for my dear friend. 

I take that as a sign of a truly great time.

Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove:
O no! it is an ever-fixed mark
That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wandering bark,
Whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken.
Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle's compass come:
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
If this be error and upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved.[1]

–William Shakespeare

Bouquet of the Day 

Today was a great day to be at work. 

My friend Lai Chung is getting hitched at the courthouse. We put this beauty together to kick off the first of the celebrations. All of which will be brimming with plant and flower life, Lai Chung is a gardener afterall. 

Between an earthquake and forcasted hurricane she and Bobby will fit nicely inbetween these.

I also had a pretty monumentus moment with a customer today! A Ms. Yolande Batteau from Callidus Guild and I found ourselves sheding tears over pure joy the beauty flowers can bring.  

It happens


Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

A perk to traveling with your work crew is you can do just that, talk shop! In our case the industry is plants, and with that we got tickled thrills sharing and pointing out botanicals in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.

We certainly got our plant and tequila fill while soaking up the sun and playing around.  I will call it as I see it, Sprout Home has the coolest crew of femmes this side of Brooklyn.

The biggest trip was being taken into a Mayan village and seeing the humble existence and beaming smiles of the people, just beautiful.



Who Needs a Cocktail?

Before I submerge myself in four days of bachelorette debauchery in Playa Del Carmen I thought to leave you with an intoxicating elixir I have been sipping on on this summeriest of seasons. 

Behold the Gin Cherry Cordial: 

2 Shots of Gin *Breucklen Gin is ideal

1 Shot Cherry Cordial from American Fruits

Splash of Tonic

Crushed Ice

Garnish with lemon and grapes 

Before you sip make sure to spritz your face with Kiehl's Acai and sport a pair of Moscot Cranberry Drew shades 

All of these delicious items are born in New York 

I have also been graced with a blip in a Japanese Fashion Magazine! If any one of you can translate the paragraph one will be rewarded with a flower! Or a cocktail! * 

Bottom left in plaid shirt is yours truly... *this offer is limited to the NYC area, unless I happen to be traveling to wherever you are which really isn't too unrealistic...XX






Seduction of the Papaya

Lately of sorts I’ve been trying my best to get in unwind mode, captured still moments in time, little breathers to pause out the day.


Quite times spent in a canoe down the Pawtucket River of Rhode Island to a visit from my friend and father at our August house out in Kismet.

Allowing for a catch up and reflection of all this fun before I fly off to Playa Del Carmen for a bachelorette on Monday!



Bouquet of the Day

 I would also like to share with you a few of my film snapshots from recent travels. 

April in Chicago 2011

Chicago Peony 2011

Seattle Poppy 2011

You can view more of my work on the  Travel Picture Gallery bookmark bar. 


San Francisco & Napa

Summer is quick. Life in a nutshell? It goes fast. This particular time changes and momentum are a rapid forward trajectory. A huge swell caught on a most perfect wave. Many situations and friends to thank for this splendid run, most importantly my husband.

Together we remain cognoscente life will not always be consumed with jet setting and flowers. We have friends with illness and witness the roadblocks needing to be jumped over and broken through.

No one said life was easy.

  * My Summer in France circa '04  


With all of that I will give you a snap shot of five days spent in San Francisco and Napa!

First of which was going directly to San Francisco’s flower district Friday morning and given a tour of the bounty California flowers have to offer. Mel’s lifetime of industry knowledge and frankness in sharing added such weight to the meager four years I have spent in the flower business.  Many thank yous deserved for such insight as I left in a blur of excited inspiration.

Our visit to Northern California was under more somber pretenses, but instead of burdening with all that... the unexpected jolts of excitement came from stumbling upon a festival in China Town. Banging drums! A sea of colo!r Dancing dragons shooting off firecrackers!

China Town Celebration San Francisco from Lea Ann Willett on Vimeo.


Followed in a direction with one word in mind wines. Our local Napa friends took us with carte blanche lead to the finest of tastings and food pairings. Being no more than a simpleton to wine knowledge, time was spent saying yes to what was placed in front of me and never pouring out the last bits of wines into the bowl.

Weekday champagne breakfast at Mum followed by a  blueberry macaroon will be a tough reminder on any given manic Monday.

With all of that I write to you from the Amtak dining car in the direction of Kingston R.I. to spend time in the wilderness with my dear friend April.

Enjoy your final month of summer! All this is fleeting.


Red Eyes

Arrived back at 8am today after five bliss filled days visiting friends in San Francisco and Napa.

Landed, splashed cold water on my face and headed into work for floral overdrive.

Bear with me as I compile the next few posts.... 


Bouquet of the Day

Sunset style...



Manufacturing the Dutch Way

Last night I returned from my quest overseas part of which was spent in the Netherlands. A 48 hr whirlwind visit seeing friends in Rotterdam, the town of Delft, and a dawn breaking morning treck to Naaldwijk's floral epicenter. Finishing off the day in Leiden home of Rembrandt for a gouda & white asparagus pancake lunch washed down with a most delicious wieckse witte beer.

The town of Delft, home of Johannes Vermeer, the oldest Dutch University and where the famed ceramics have remained in production since 1560. Since I hold intrigue for Mary II of England and her amassed collecting practices seen on the outskirts of London at Hampton Court Palace it was only fitting to see where Queen Mary's obsession took shape. 

This hand painted Little Tear Bottle owes its name and form to the days when sailor men were far away at sea and when saying goodbye the women left behind wept. The bottleneck was placed in the corner of the eye and tears could be captured, then carried on voyages as proof of ones sympathy. Let's just say purchasing this precious little token was not cheap, but what of any great importance is. 

Watching these artisans produce tin glazed pottery when so many knockoffs exist through image transfers; I have shaken the hand of the maker of my vase, it is signed, dated and unquestionably authentic. 

"There are no shortcuts to any place worth going," says a sign in my friend Michael Brenner's office. That ran true for our excursion to the flower auction. Overslept with thrown on clothes my travel companion Manuela Raurich Mateluna, a dancer from Barcelona and I battled through windy rain on foot to what seemed an impossibly difficult center to find outside of Rotterdam.  

 But was it ever worth going....

Flower Auction Holland from Lea Ann Willett on Vimeo.


With a multitude of photographs and pamphlets my head is still swimming taking in just this portion of the trip, which in person I will gladly divulge. More photos are to be posted from the myriad of markets I have been. Until then I continue to dream walk through my ancestry and my furthered passion for the Dutch.  


Sleeping Beauty

This week marks the closing season for The American Ballet Theater at Lincoln Center. With my dance enthusiast Russian born friend having grown up watching the Bolshoi Ballet it's in Anastasia's blood. Together we swoon over every pirouette and get glassy eyed watching the fluttering tutus move. 

Sleeping Beauty a story we all know well.  It's light, full of joy and a perfect conclusion to a season like an easy summer read. Irina Dvorovenko as Princess Aurora held weightless on point with every precise gesture and beaming stage presence she made the audience recognize the performance of an expert principal dancer. What makes it sweeter is the fact that Aurora's Prince Desire, Maxim Beloserkovsky are actually married.

True magnetism in such a duo is breathtaking!

Princess Florine and The Bluebird dance was a delight as was the Lilac Fairy and her attendant Fairy of Valor, Misty Copeland. Anastasia treated me to the best seats third row to the right which if you care for such things I would make note of these seats because being front and angled right was the best for this show. 

I particularly loved the grand curtsies from the ballerinas while holding massive bouquets of long stemmed roses. 

What a night!


Victory Garden

Look at this sorry state of our planter box, it's laughable really... 

Greeting me home for the past six weeks, time in our new abode was spent wondering when one was going to bring in some buddies to jolly up this lone evergreen, or for the straggler of a weed perched in our hanging basket. 

No shock to any of you, I took matters into my own hands flexing my horticultural gusto and day of Independence. 

This marks my very first gardening project, no less on Fifth Ave here in Manhattan.

See I too have land to plant!

Brad provided the Pacifico with lime in my favorite coosie and we made an afternoon of it. I would like to add another red colius maybe a few more geraniums, then get happy watching it grown in.

But first lets wait and see if any questions or complaints ensue towards this renegade planter. 

 Happy Fourth of July!


Seattle, Washington

Readers I will let you in on my secret, a newly discovered crushing reality that if you, a fellow floral enthusiasts residing in places other than NYC can say I told you so. 

"Gratitude" By: Sallie K. Patterson

I know where I live is expensive, my mom has been telling me for 10 plus years on our weekly catch up calls, but somehow the bitter tinge goes unfazed through multiple justifications. This is until I encountered a new sort of punch in the gut, my spirit is now crushed on the scale of Santa and Fairy Godmothers.


Ok. I am well aware that peonies grow like crazy in many places especially during this loveliest of seasons. I saw yards filled with them in Chicago just the other week. Enamored with childish excitement to see flowers actually growing in the earth were the questionable faces from my girlfriends thinking, welcome to planet earth? Cut me a break I'm from the deserts of Arizona and here in this asphalt dump we pay $8.75 per stem for a single duchess peony.

Thanks for giving me so much New York City!

Look i'm not aiming to move and get a yard and all that just yet.

How about this sweet thing for a modest $5 bucks. Smiling Seattle faces seen everywhere carrying bouquets from Pike Place Market. The superb weather enhanced the chill nice moods Seattle folk embody, but also a really smart bunch for not having their wallets depleted from flowers. 

I gasped then whimpered... This little realization took it all too far for me. Sweet Peas a huge mass for $4.00 USD. Ladies and gentleman we at the New York wholesale market pay an upwards of $75 for a bunch of Sweet Peas, a single delicate stem $1.75 and up. Ah... yes! Our varieties hark from Japan! France! Holland! Egregious! these? From the bountiful USA state of Washington. 


A fist full of Morel Mushrooms and Huckleberry jam, while exquisitely delicious have only temorarily eased these pains.  

Look here I aim to put my best effort forward to fixing this ditty of a floral problem.

In approximately 17 days I head to London where I will visit New Covent Garden Market once again and then travel solo to Holland's Bloemenmarkt and hopefully pay a visit to the big boys at the worlds largest flower auction. 

Now are you taking me seriously? Want to comment and offer any insight/advice before I engage in some overseas politicking? 

I end with this fairy tale photo I took of Mt. Rainer. It cools my spirit for all this dragon fire I want to spew. 



Bouquets of The Day 

On the finest of summer solstice days!









Father's Day

When one thinks of our parents we hope to have inherited the better attributes of them and try to recognize the faulty qualities we would rather not have been given. Depending on the intimacy your relationship with family, the more all of us have grown into adulthood we see a multi layered vision of our parents. Through the tumultuous and sublime I never stopped having a deep admiration for my father.  He dreams like a poet, thinks as a savvy entrepreneur and is never shy in sharing his love for you. He fathers to more than his own children and will say things like, "you are my best fathers day gift."

Our relationship is mutually tended to and grows. A simple phone call message to say I love you, share a like minded fact or a recently read book. We continue to believe in what each of us are creating. I wrote an essay in which I was asked to whom is your greatest inspiration in your artistic pursuits? Understandably that would be my father.

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