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Berlin: part zwei  

My husband chooses not to believe in jetlag, he's one of those Clark Kent type of guys. In referring to moi being a more delicate flower, I bid him farewell and the no jet lag idea was prescribed.

Reckless youth has a funny way of picking up where once left and jittery exuberance can fuel one through. Three days OK any longer whilst I would wilt.

Some boys have Vegas, I'll take Berlin.  

Staying at the über cool Michelberger Hotel in Friedrichshain, the heart of former East Berlin helped. The word Gemutlich is to mean cozy which is the perfect word to descibe this spot.  Similar to the Longman & Eagle in Chicago or The Ace, these guys are cut from the same cloth. 

Chilling at the hotel as the dj spinned reggae from Dillinger & Grace Jones I sipped on hefferveisen and watched as Berliners packed in for the headline performer from... Portland, Oregon? The singer was something not to be expected, but it put me in a good place the way songbird lullabies do. The crowd got into it too. 

With a fresh day ahead mission #2 was set out to be done. Visit the Berlin Wall:

Do you remember when the wall came down? The year was 1989 a distinct memory exists watching this on tv while the family huddled together dad explained the significance of this event. We watched the serious stuff, not this Hasselhoff crap,  although I do have a tinge of want for that electrified bomber and throw in that piano keyed scarf while your at it.

I visited Berlin for them

To put it plainly enough being in a place where many world upheavals have occured and to see the youth emerge from the rubble, this city has a voice, an audience and this subculture will emerge as the mainstream the day after tomorrow. 

I'm all about these scarfs from Vonschwaenflügelpupke too!

If that's not a mouthfull. 

Sadly I visited one week before Berlin Fashion Week, now that would have blown my socks right off.  

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