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London: An Anglophile's Delight

Not many flower posts to report as we are in the doldrums of winter here in New York and anyone with the means to enjoy weekly flowers is probably down in Palm Beach or warming their toes fireside on some snowy slope far from here. Although, I would like to point out that now is the time flowers are needed most.

Gorgeous Italian Poppies are at the market and with the thousandth thin petaled Rancunculus one can stare away a weekend with a mellow smile on your face. Flowers, yoga & bubble baths are mini insta-escapes especially this time of year. Throw in a bottle of Cabernet or tea for two and make a date to have your friend over to share your flowers. ok?

So with all of that said and the thought of,  "the grass is always greener..." I will expound on my euro getaway and tell you about the two places I love most in London (besides my two gal pals and their scrumptious children) On to the V&A and Liberty!

The ultimate delight the Victoria & Albert Museum, where one can learn and lust over the worlds finest objects. Admission to salivate is whatever you choose to pay as all museums in London are virtually free. The museum is not overly massive like the MET or the Louvre and it's oozing with inspiration, the jewelry wing alone will leave you with pangs of longing.
The special exhibition wing, the only portion requiring admission (£11) is worth every pence. The shows combine fine art, decorative arts, architecture, fashion and music to give the ultimate time machine experience.
Only in England was I able to get through the writings of Proust one lucky little sister summer I had locked away in a perfect private park. The place breathes academia with those pert accents while my flat americaaaan voice fills in blankness with ums and likes.
After such restraint heading to Liberty appeases those pesky wants! Yes, we have Bergdorfs and Barneys here in New York but I would take Liberty of London over them all. Not that it has more of the fashions already seen, it's the wattle and daub 1920's structure that simply makes a shopper feel home. 
Besides the fact that this department store launched the Arts & Crafts Movement and the top floor has the most incredible haberdasher full of notions, trimmings & bolts of signature floral fabrics this place welcomes the DIY hobbyists to the chicest of buyers.
Cool canvas totes, paper goods galore and fine Italian soaps are sweet spring carry homes from a department store that nails the experience. 
My English girlfriends sister actually named her child Liberty, not certain if this was a homage to the department store but regardless in England names such as that or nicknames like Kitty are perfectly OK which makes this aspiring anglophile all the more excited. 
Let's swap! You want New York? I'll take London...well just for a little while. 

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