Bouquet Of The Day

Lady Slipper Orchid, Japanese Ranunculus, Cherry Blossom, and Japanese Sweet Pea in Ceramic Sake Cups.

Wishing I had memorized the perfect Haiku to express what I am left feeling, instead are a few mementos from Japanese friends.

 * Hokusai: View of Mount Fuji on a Fine Breezy Day. (Series "Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji"). "UKIYOE"


A Final Farewell To Winter 2011

spent on the slopes of Vail, Colorado. 

 5" of untouched powder to carve through the big bowls of the Rocky Mountains

and quiet cat walks with the rustling smell of pine 

A beautiful blue bird day leaving your cheeks sunned from the reflection of bright white snow. 

On top of being introduced to Bikram Yoga from my marvel of a friend Jen.

 I return home with a squeaky clean soul. 


Bouquet of the Day

Dear Spring,

Keep up the good work! We especially like hanging out with your friend the sun.  





I'm not sure what beats waking up to sunrise filled window with a child by your side. 

 ...or being called auntie lee lee

Time spent with my mama, sister La La, Julian & Quincy makes for one treat of a week. 

I like Texas. I especially loved the huge ash trees with tillandsias (air plants) hung like ornaments along side the chirping sparrows perched on the limbs. The fuchsia blooming plum branches were unbelievable. 

But, like most parents or relatives know, when you are in the presence of innocence perfected your lens only has eyes for that.


...and the Oscar goes too...

this rare ranunculus from Japan. Beating out the peony, camilla and garden rose,  this exquisite flower unfurls to reveal hundreds of delicate petals. The Dutch guys told me to set this one apart, revel its beauty, watch it age. I've never seen anything like it, and I've seen a lot...just sayin'

Yay for Natalie Portman! I knew she had it in her. 

Remember this post back in December?


Bouquet Of The Day

One of the perks to being my friend is when you have a baby you get one of these. 

Amelie Savannah Rutschow born Valentine's Day 


Dolphins & Sunsets

pretty much sums up my time in Boca Grande, FL



a few new freckles is a teeny price to pay for such a wonderous weekend


Flower Burn Out

I'm all out of love, I have no more to give.

Should I blame the flowers for the thousandth thorny prick of a rose, for the callused finger pads and severe eczema? My manicurist quietly shakes her head seeing there is no need to trim these nails, or push back any cuticles and no amount of nail color can mask these working class hands.

Floristry is taken to the next level for Valentine's.

What has me more exhausted than my tattered hands is the brain drain from the men who barg in unannounced for instant floral magnificence. Mind you these are the same men who only thought of Valentine's at the very last minute, OK I'll cut the husband with multiple children hanging from his neck a break. Otherwise, I give these men a few long minutes to squirm and watch as they helplessly try to pick out flowers that best suit their partners. After all, I am busy making all of the pre-orders for the well-planned lovers. Generally the men give up, hand me a bunch of strangled flowers to which I then take over and arrange flowers that someone will be pleased to recieve. If the person isn't too irritating, I then hand the arrangement back and assure them, "hey! you made this!" I simply "tweaked" the arrangement. It's like dealing with children. No need to whittle away any more confidence in these poorly planned dudes. Really though, I can't give them too much flack being that they walked into a flower shop and picked out flowers with their partner in mind. Or in the very least phoned a florist and verbalized a heart-felt note. So praise you dudes vs the guys using the generic 1-800 flower route which costs more for making flowers look so bad.

So that I restrain myself from any more valentine's day comments.  I'm escaping to Florida to chill out and at the same time warm up after three long winter months without a hint of sun. 



It's New York Fashion Week Baby

...and the city is burning up with it. 
I saw the Norman Ambrose Fall 2011 Collection with Tassy on Friday. 
Sumptuous splendor is an understatement to explain these clothes. 

Decisions! decisions! Will it be the deep plum boucle coat with two toned fox collar & cuff paired with printed amethyst snow leopard dress?

Or the embroidered starburst camisole with boucle pencil skirt, metallic bronze snake belt & taupe cashmere cardigan??

The closest I will come to owning a piece of Ambrose magnificent wears is staring at these models & whispering the descriptions. I could literally pass the day eating up fashion vocab like a fine five star menu. 

In the very least I got to put this together for them. 


Bouquet Of The Day

in a city full of everyone doing something




Geodescent Scabiosa

I love me some scabiosa pods.

Especially when I can expound my architectural history knowledge and say to the unsuspecting patron also lured into geometric detailed beauty of the scabiosa that they most certainly look like a Bunkminster Fuller Geodescent Dome. Sometimes they chuckle in a wit filled wink moment, otherwise a reaction of complete loss of wonderment concluded by a subtle blow off most NY'ers have perfected.

Did I tell my non-commenting readers that i'm about to be an even bigger know it all? Possibly being a slight exaggeration but I sure am knee deep into the history of the decorative arts. Can I get a whoop! whoop! for continuing education? Here I go flexing the ol' brain muscle this spring semester. 


Ice Encasements

Have you seen how the snowbanks are now encased in ice? It's especially noticeable in places where the mounds of snow have been untouched, such are the quiet streets of Williamsburg on my walk home at night.

Maybe you have seen something like this before? Heck any one of you could probably capture a better photograph of it too. I haven't payed attention to this before so i'm going to try and explain it. 

These mounds of slippery snow look more like something acrylic or resin made for a Matthew Barney project.

Alas these strange beauties have just been made by nature. Right here is the art installation, and better yet you can touch it, or in my case stomp my foot into it and hear the thin ice encasing shatter to revel the fluffy snow underneath.

Its been a long winter and anything to keep the cold walk home interesting I guess.

Photo Cred: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Cremaster_Cycle

I still can't believe that show was 9 years ago...


One of Those Nights

you find yourself floating in a house made of glass overlooking the city with 360 views. 

then you hear this man, Joel Thibodeau from Death Vessel  perform with this song bird voice 

Let me just tell you, PARTICIPANT Inc. is the single most important & authentic arts organization in New York City. 


Lemlem: v. [Amharic] to bloom, flourish 

Not sure what has spurred my need to include my purchases with flowers but... i guess i'm just so excited to share my little happy glimmers! Anything to get us through winter right?

To satiate my impending warm weather getaway I got this amazing tunic which if the weather wasn't 30 degrees I would be ripping off the tag and walking out of the store with it on.

What totally rationalizes my purchase is how awesome this designer, supermodel, actress and World Health Organisation's Goodwill Ambassador for maternal, newborn and child health is.  May I introduce to you Liya Kebede. Yep, Liya encapsulates womanhood perfection. Pretty sure the only thing we have in common is our first name, alas different spellings...  

Photo Cred: The New York Times Style Magazine

Harking from Ethiopa, Liya's line of clothing Lemlem mission is to revive and recognize the beautiful tradition of the cotton weaving practices from her native country, in turn build more economic independence. Let's give a holla to fair trade!

In conclusion, we too can be Queen's of Sheba and feel philanthropic! Oh and buy some flowers, that also makes you feel good.



In The Thick Of It 

winter that is...

My morning view was full of fluffy dollop like snowflakes. Warmed myself with a cup of tea, WBGO 88.3 jazz on my roberts radio and cursed out the grey while looking into the centers of a bunch of blown out tulips. 

How about perchance? A spur of the moment coming in and flashing a big burst of joy!

My childhood dearly best who lives in dreamy Napa was en route to Dublin with her husand. A delayed flight and a quick wiping off my schedule led us to an impromptu italian wine filled lunch and stroll around the neighborhood. 

Seeing Aly made the cold feel impervious. 

This made my week, if not my entire month of January. 


Bouquet Of The Day


Dear Shabd Simon-Alexander, 

Your beautifully designed shirt greeted me in my overstuffed mail box today.  After an arduous day in the cold grey schlepping thorny branches to grumpy doorman your shirt said "hi! I'm all yours!"

This certainly has made my week.



*Splurge! Get in on the fun! We can daydream about warm weather tropical getaways and how ravishing we will be in our technicolor tidal wave.  






My Husband's gone, busy traveling for work. This has lead me to filling my belly with sweets, drinks, and a list of chic movie watching. What's a girl to do through a cruel winter alone?

This brings me to my point...

* quail vessel by: Janet Macpherson 

What took me so long to watch Valentino: The Last Emperor? By the end, this movie had me sobbing. Clearly having all of this pensive time alone has allowed me to reminisce...

I had my Valentino sighting in early 2010 not once, but twice. We shared the same air and space of an elevator. Gobsmacked! On my face were a pair of crazy eyes and a stupid smile the ride up.  My lost opportunity to say something. Going over in my head this missed impression, oh what would I have done differently!?  Ding! The doors opened and there is Valentino Garavani again. With all the mustered strength I said, "ah we must be on the same clock today! That is with no time at all!' Not flinching an eye or a smirk on his face I'm certain Mr. Valentino did not notice me the ride up, or heard me the way down.

I'm OK with that.

Second point... "An evening dress that reveals a woman's ankles when she is walking is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen." -Valentino

I found my Valentino dress. It was on a sale rack back in '98 highschool days with an absurdly underpriced tag. What was this missplaced piece of luxury doing on a plastic hanger smushed on a sale rack in Tucson? I bought the dress, mostly for the name, since it didn't fit properly. I spent my remaining allowance that day on a prom dress from Forever 21.

It took years until I was able to fill out the bust of my Valentino. Penny pinching New York City days and a last minuet invite had me slip on the near vintage champagne blush dress. Jittery about the exclusivity of the party and the pretty impression I wanted to make. Funny how four years ago my date that night is now my husband.


"A New Beginning" Has The City Blooming

How excited am I to see 38 gigantic pink and red roses budding all along Park Avenue!!!!

Will Ryman's installation will be up for the next five months, which is getting me positively geared up for the spring!


"I Hate Violets" 

No actually i'm just trying to make light of the word i'm really trying to say, violence.

Normally I would never post something ugly such as politics.  I try my best to encapsulate all the la la loveliness that surrounds us. My medium is through flowers and this blog. If Tucson wasn't my hometown I would probably shrug it off, or change the channel, and continue with the minor positive acts I am capable of doing to affect the world.
But I'm upset.
Plainly enough Arizona's reputation is in the dumps, and yes I care about those things.
Between the immigration issues, reserving Dr. Martin Luther King Day not for a great man but instead for our annual rodeo, and this latest loon shooting. One would think Arizona is filled with a bunch of narrow minded hicks, more than any other state? 
My parents moved from the blistering cold of Illinois and Canada to the southwest very much in the vain of Mr. Horace Greeley, "Go West, young man, and grow up with the country."
The Tucson I spent eighteen years growing up into was big sky, beauty, and killer Mexican food. An Arizona filled with rich diversity from the Hispanic culture and parents with a mind expanding art appreciating outlook, surrounded by the wild wonders of desert.  
We married in Tucson.
I'm tired. I'm tired of all the politico mumbo jumbo of over informed opinionated news, the beliefs, and the hatred. Should I too not speak up to the already yelling crowd? Ok, I'll just quite down and stick to what I'm good at... 
The only Belief I am certain of in my twenty ninth year into adulthood other than LOVE is ART. Visual, musical, performance, and literary.
These four acts have the ability to supersede boundaries of language, class, gender & race. At these moments in time the arts is all I have to look up to, so let us raise our voice the best way we know how. Here are a few people I believe in. 


Frida Kahlo

Wynton Marsalis

Li Cunxin

Reinaldo Arenas 

Anne Frank


p.s. Mom in case you didn't know the words in yellow are linked to articles. 


Bouquet of the Day

White callas, sweet peas & seeded eucalyptus made up this little beauty for Hilaria.  

 May I  refresh your memory from this post of how much I adore this mother & daughter. 

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